Right now, it’s all about the wallpaper. The Restoration committee has already decided about the paint colors, generally simply following the evidence, but several of the rooms were papered, and that’s a harder decision.

All that we know about the Croghans’ taste in wallpaper is that they chose a very expensive, figurative “arabesque” paper made by the French firm Reveillon for the “ballroom” – see the picture here. So we’re looking at other Reveillon papers as well as similar papers made by other firms.

Everyone who has looked at the wallpaper samples that we’ve collected has an opinion! All different! Harmonizing, contrasting, large figures, latticework, small prints, blue, gold, green, rose. Borders are an option too.

The rooms that will be papered are the entrance hallway on the first floor, the first-floor northwest room (Clark’s room), the first floor southeast and southwest rooms (Dining Room, Parlor), and the second floor southwest room (Ballroom).

The Restoration committee will meet next week to sort it all out. To see some of the papers under consideration, you can go to Adelphi Paper Hangings, which is one of the most authentic manufacturers of reproduction wallpaper. The texture of the paper is wonderful – it’s hand-block printed, and has a velvet, matte surface that makes the colors very rich. We will also have our “ballroom” Reveillon paper replaced using the same process for a more authentic look than the reproduction that we currently use (which is now more than 40 years old).

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