New rooms open!

We’re through the plastering stage, almost fully re-painted, and we’ve been able to get more rooms furnished and open to the public. The walls still need wallpaper, which will be ordered soon; the floors need rugs, which are being chosen; and we are de-accessioning (removing from the collection) the furnishings that have not been chosen for the new furnishings plan, but we have not yet acquired their replacements.

Our docents proceed on, with great flexibility and imagination. Visitors seem to enjoy this process, however messy.

As of today, the only first floor room that isn’t on the tour is the dining room, which is being used to store the furniture that has been moved. Clark’s room is only partially furnished, since we need to acquire some new pieces such as a more appropriate bed. On the second floor, the bedrooms have been repainted and are brighter and finer.

The room formerly called the ballroom (now the “great parlor” – get used to it!) is getting its final coats of verdigris paint (it takes 4-5 coats in all). The wallpaper has been removed, and will be replaced by a newly, authentically reproduced paper done by woodblock process in horizontal sheets. It’s fine custom work, and it may take a while. All these rooms are open.

The third floor is much the same, but the “nursery” is not accessible – furniture storage again.

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