Even More about the Wallpaper

Yes, we’re still going on about the wallpaper.

The great wallpaper mystery developed a plot twist when we got color samples back from Adelphi Paper – and we were dubious. The colors didn’t much resemble the photos of the original wallpaper found in the House in the 1960s; they were much brighter and lighter. They didn’t look much like the French originals. But, as we’ve learned, colors change over time in unpredictable ways. We called for help.

First Samuel Thomas, local historian and the first caretaker of Locust Grove, one of few men now living who SAW the wallpaper when it was still on the walls, came and brought better photos. We were so dubious that we sent the photos off to Adelphi. They recommended some serious color analysis.

Well, we know where to go for that – the samples and original fragments were shipped off to Matthew Mosca, who had analyzed our paint for us. Mosca worked quickly, and concluded that Adelphi had done it right. The background color was just a tiny bit lighter and brighter than they had projected, but such a tiny bit that you would never notice unless you knew.

So, reassured, we have left the project in Adelphi’s capable hands, and we are eager to see the results on the walls. Light and bright.

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