Wallpaper at Last!

Last week we received the proofs for the custom wallpaper for the Great Parlor, and it is beautiful! Light and bright and full of crisp detail and whimsy. These pictures really don’t do it justice, because part of what makes this paper so wonderful, like the other Adelphi Papers, is the velvety texture. Visitors keep trying to stroke the wallpaper (we sympathize, but don’t condone this!).

The paper returns to the color scheme of the original, with light pinks and reds where we used to display oranges and browns. The pink also explains the color of the adjoining bedroom, which is the identical shade. The red will work with the curtains that we plan for the room. Red curtains in a green room may not be our own 21st century first choice, but it was popular in the early 19th century, and this wallpaper will pull it all together. These photos look like they are trending towards blue – but the background is really quite green.

Now that we’ve approved the proofs, the final paper can be printed. It will take at least several weeks to arrive, and will be installed in time for the grand re-opening at the end of June.

This wallpaper requires 40 hand-carved wood blocks to print the full design. It’s a long process, and we need enough to cover this large room. It’s the most complex design that Adelphi has ever undertaken to reproduce.

And we know that it’s RIGHT – unlike other papers and furnishing that require educated guesswork from us – this is what the Croghans had, exactly, as it has not appeared since they put up their wallpaper in about 1806.

This project is moving fast now. Carpets have been installed in two second floor bedrooms. The rose (pink) room, which will be the best guestroom, has a figured venetian carpet in shades of green and pink (see the picture of it still rolled up). The Croghan bedroom, with its verdigris paint, has a plain venetian (striped) carpet, and new bed covers (not quite done yet).

A few new bits of furniture and decorative pieces have appeared. We now, finally, have a bed for George Rogers Clark’s room. It’s disassembled, but will be roped up and in place shortly.

More is arriving every day. Our docents can hardly keep up with it all. But they are doing a great job despite the chaos!

More and better photos soon.

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