Long time, no blog

We’ve been so busy rushing to get the House ready for its grand reopening that there’s been no time to blog about it! The rugs are still coming in; our dramatic black-and-white diamond floorcloth for the main hall is on its way. Upholstery is being upholstered. Wallpaper is being printed. We got a sample of the “frieze” border design for the Great Parlor, very pretty, but not so well-coordinated with the main Arabesque paper. Then we learned that our color expert, Matt Mosca, had been consulted, and much to our relief, the colors were not quite right and have now been altered according to the original, once again affirming the good taste of the Croghans!

We are looking forward to punkah installation on Monday – more next week. It will be late next week, because I am going to the AAM conference in Los Angeles!

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