Almost There

It’s coming down to the wire now for the restoration of the House – which officially “opens” with a party on the 24th, and then to the public on the 25th and 26th. Days away! Yesterday we had both photographers and videographers filming, working around the missing pieces that are still being installed. At the same time, we were installing the punkah (yes! but needs one small adjustment before it’s ready for prime time), laying carpet on the 3rd floor, hanging pictures, and arranging the recently re-upholstered furniture.

Still to come: the Great Parlor wallpaper installation begins next week, and the following weekend our first floor hallway floorcloth will be laid – a dramatic black and ivory diamond pattern. New lighting will be installed to illuminate the portraits, a sword, and the open closets. Aside from some small details, what is in the House then is what visitors will see at the opening. We’ve also, behind the scenes, reinforced the main stair supports from the basement to the second floor.

In the coming months, we will install the carpeting on the stairs and second floor landing, reupholster some of the existing furniture, hang curtains, acquire a few more pieces of furniture and some small practical objects. In the Fall we will change the bed and window coverings and some rugs to their winter appearance (the bedcoverings in the Rose bedroom will be stunning!). The final piece of the refurnishing is likely to be the large Oushak carpet that is being made in Turkey for the Great Parlor.

Please join us for the symposium on the 25th – – or the Opening Weekend, June 26-27th (free on Saturday; with the Antiques Fair on Sunday).

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