Here’s an image of the Oushak rug, for those of you who were wondering. The Great Parlor room has come together in stages, so we don’t yet have professional-quality images of the room with the wallpaper and the curtains AND the carpet. But really, you have to see it to appreciate it. Colors that seem as though they would clash, don’t. It works.

Back to Reality

Eight months is long enough between blog posts! We’re back.

The Locust Grove blog was originally set up to keep people up-to-date with our re-restoration of the historic 1790s House. Well, we’re done! Even the long-awaited Oushak rug has arrived from Turkey for the Great Parlor.

Now we’re moving on with a plan for the grounds and outbuildings, with the intention of learning more about this land as a farm, and more about the natural history of the site. Last weekend was our first “Slave Life at Locust Grove” weekend, with tours and performances based around the lives of the enslaved African-Americans who lived here and did the work of the farm. We plan to extend this programming through the year.

With Louisville Metro Parks, owners of the site, we’ve begun creating a Master Plan for the next 25 years. What can we do with all 55 acres? What do audiences – tourists and local – want from this site, now and later? What will keep us relevant to a changing community?

We’ve just started getting organized for this process. Phase 1 is a physical survey of the 55 acres, and a mapping of the boundaries of the original 694 acres of Locust Grove (fun with map overlays!). Phase 2 is archeological research. Both phases will be started in 2011. At a later point, there will be community input in planning, and we hope that you’ll add your thoughts to the mix.