The War of 1812: the Movie

In all the commotion about the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War (and we’ve all learned a new word there!), an earlier American conflict has been unfairly overlooked – the War of 1812. It’s the Bicentennial of that war, beginning next year and running through 1815. I’m sure that you are all busy making your plans now for your personal celebrations.

But, seriously, some of us here at Locust Grove are preparing for our own commemoration, focusing on the generation of Kentuckians who were literally children of the Revolution, many of whom fought to complete the war with England that their fathers had battled a generation earlier. George Croghan, the second son of William and Lucy Croghan, was the “hero of Fort Stephenson”, winning a battle using tactics that seem to have been inspired by the military daring of his uncle, George Rogers Clark. Expect more programs and events in the coming year to explore and to try to illuminate this conflict, which is poorly understood by most Americans.

Here’s a link to a very funny video dramatizing our ignorance, in the form of a trailer for a film that we’d love to see – The War of 1812: the Movie. But then we’re history geeks. But then, since you’re reading this, so are you!

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