Cherished Treasures: Your Top Five Reasons to visit the Fall Antiques Market

It’s almost here! The Fall Antiques Market will take over Locust Grove’s lawn this Sunday, September 28 from 10-4:30. Admission is $6, and includes a tour of the house. Whether you’re looking for books, furniture, or jewelry, we’ll have all that and more!

Tents are already going up for our vendors!

Tents are already going up for our vendors!

Now, I know you might be thinking, “That’s all great, Hannah, but I’m not really in the market for old stuff. Why should I bother putting this event on my calendar?”

Well, dear reader, the Fall Antiques Market is so much more than just old stuff. Even if you don’t plan on walking away with any treasures, it’s a wonderful chance to do some old-fashioned window shopping. As our gardener Sarah said, “It’s a lovely event on a lovely fall day at a lovely historic house.” What could be better?

If you’re still not convinced, let me give you a little more insight into what else you’ll find Sunday afternoon.

1. Halloween Fashions

Lest you think we’re behind the times, the Locust Grove Museum Store is already stocked for your Halloween needs. Scarves, earrings, pumpkin bling…even fascinators, as graciously modeled by our Guest Services Manager, Jennifer!


Spooky AND stylish!


2. Cooking demonstrations!

Melissa, one of our costumed interpreters and a hearth cooking whiz, will be taking over the Locust Grove kitchen to prepare five dishes the Croghans might have eaten, including stewed cucumbers and apple pie using antique apple varieties. She was in the kitchen this afternoon with Program Manager Brian Cushing to season the cookware–be sure to ask her what this means when you see her on Sunday!


Program Manager Brian inspects the fire.

Melissa and Brian making preparations for deliciousness

Melissa and Brian making preparations for deliciousness

3. Beautiful Autumn weather

I just looked it up, you guys–Sunday’s high is 83, without a cloud in the sky. It’s going to be a perfect day to wander the grounds, admire the foliage just beginning to turn colors, and bask in the shade of a two hundred-year-old Georgian mansion. In case you still need convincing, here’s a picture from a past Fall. I’m not saying the grounds look exactly like this right now, but it would be a shame to miss out just the same.

The first person to write a poem about this wins a prize.

The first person to write a poem about this wins a prize.

4. Chats with Historical Ladies

While Locust Grove is proud to be the home of Lucy Clark Croghan and her two daughters, Eliza and Ann, you might be surprised to know that you can also find three other historical ladies who call Locust Grove home.

Say hello to Dolley Madison, Sacagawea, and Jane Austen.

Say hello to Dolley Madison, Sacagawea, and Jane Austen.

That’s right–all three of these ladies not only hang out together, but you can find them in our Visitor’s Center. Be sure to drop by to hear their stories and admire their fashion sense. (Nice hat, Dolley.)

5. Gelato

Word on the street is that Gelato Gilberto will be making an appearance at the Antiques Market. And if you’re not tempted to visit antiques, leaves, or an 18th century kitchen, I’ll bet you can be persuaded with gelato. And speaking of dairy products, as an added bonus to your visit this weekend, you can poke your head into the (almost finished) dairy!

Be sure to admire the new gate.

Be sure to admire the new gate!

So, in conclusion, the Fall Antiques Market promises perfect weather, mouth-watering smells, dozens of vendors peddling their wares, unique gifts, a history lesson, and above all, a great deal of fun. If you see me there, be sure to say hi! And in the comments, let us know what you’re most looking forward to at the Antiques Market! I’ll meet you all at the dairy with gelato.

Yours hopefully,


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