Huzzah for Encampment!

This past weekend, Locust Grove hosted our Revolutionary War Encampment,  affectionately known as 18th Thunder! It was a glorious weekend filled with good smells, stimulating conversations with reenactors, the occasional drop of rain, and a lot of fun! Encampment is more relaxed than Market Fair, but is no less exciting. It’s always fun to see how Locust Grove might have looked in the eighteenth-century, even though our main house wasn’t built until after the American Revolution had ended. Here are some scenes from the event.

Saturday dawned with blue skies and a perfect Spring day! Our reenactors had spent the night in tents on the grounds, simulating the conditions George Rogers Clark and the Illinois Regiment of Virginia might have faced in 1778.






In the kitchen, as the men of the Regiment prepared for marching drills, the women began preparing what would become the evening meal. In the 18th century, the largest meal of the day was usually the noon meal, but our reenactors enjoy their big meal in the evening as a group, after all the visitors leave. Visitors get the benefit of seeing a meal prepared, and the reenactors get to eat it! (Something about that seems unfair, but it just makes me want to be a reenactor even more!)





The dough being rolled would be cut into strips to make noodles for soup!



Noodles drying next to the dairy.

Noodles drying next to the dairy.

Some familiar faces from Market Fair returned for Encampment. Remember Benjamin? He’s now a year old, and a seasoned reenactor!


In fact, we had lots of young faces this weekend!


My new friend Riley.

My new friend Riley.

Riley and his family and their dog!

Riley and his family and their dog!

Taking a walk with Grandpa.

Taking a walk with Grandpa.


Benjamin helps out with the noodles.

Benjamin helps out with the noodles.

It was a perfect spring day to relax with friends, talk to visitors, and maybe hold a few drills.


Locust Grove’s Executive Director, Carol Ely, confers with the troops.






A regiment on the move.

A little young to go marching, but maybe in a few years!

A little young to go marching, but maybe in a few years!





By Sunday, the weather was a little less dry, but our spirits were not dampened! Visitors continued to stop by for house tours, and to chat with reenactors about life during the war.







Inside the Visitors Center, we had just as much fun as everyone outside!



I took the opportunity to practice my cup and ball skills. Also, the hat was reunited with its rightful owner!

Lynn and Susan were having the most fun!

Lynn and Susan were having the most fun!

We are so grateful to all of our volunteers, staff members, visitors, and reenactors who spent their weekend with us! And thanks to the Courier-Journal for the wonderful article! If you took a picture with our roving George Rogers Clark cardboard cutout, post it on social media with the hashtag #ThunderwithGRC. We’ve so enjoyed seeing the photos that have already been posted! Our Instagram account has been revived, so follow it here for more photos:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for Encampment–we certainly hope to see you at our upcoming summer events!

With warmest spring regards,







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