Something New Every Day: Meet Bailey Mazik!

Well, my friends, summer is rolling merrily along, and with it comes another introduction to the second of our wonderful summer interns! Bailey Mazik is originally from Columbus, Ohio and is a self-proclaimed Buckeye with a Bachelor’s from Ohio State University in History of Art and Strategic Communication. She is a recent Master’s graduate from the University of Louisville in Critical & Curatorial Studies. She comes to Locust Grove with a desire to learn more about archiving and collection management, but when she’s not soaking up knowledge at Locust Grove, Bailey is trying out new restaurants, traveling or practicing yoga. Let’s see what she’ll be up to this summer!
Bailey at work in the office!

Bailey at work in the office!

How did you find out about Locust Grove? 
I first visited Locust Grove several months ago with one of my classes and was so excited when I was emailed the job posting for the summer internships! Currently, I’m actively job hunting and am open to moving almost anywhere in the country to work in a museum (preferably art museum but, again, I’m open).
What is your project here at Locust Grove?
 At LG I’m inventorying the outbuildings and condition reporting artifacts. So, I’m recording exactly what artifacts and objects are in which location and reporting its condition.
What is your favorite thing so far about working at Locust Grove? 
My favorite thing about Locust Grove so far is definitely the people: staff, volunteers, and visitors. There’s a really special, charming community that makes a good place truly great. I look forward to going into LG every day.
Do you have a favorite object yet? 
There are so many neat objects! I can’t pinpoint a favorite right now.
Here, Bailey is taking inventory in what is soon to be her favorite building, the dairy.

Here, Bailey is taking inventory in what is soon to be her favorite building, the dairy.

What do you enjoy about working at historic houses and museums?
You’re supposed to learn something new every day and I honestly do by working with historic homes/ museums. There are unfortunate problems with representation and interpretation in history but there’s a tremendous care and celebration of humanity, particularly in historic homes/ museums. Thus, I learn an incredible amount about all aspects of life, from many different points of view, that is useful today. I learn and grow personally but it’s also very exciting to be a small part of facilitating that learning for others.
Who’s your favorite Clark or Croghan? 
I think Lucy Clark Croghan is my favorite! It seems like she was an ambitious, caring woman who got stuff done, professionally and personally.
Are there any events you’re especially looking forward to?
The book sale! And the Butter! Cheese! event. But really, all the events sound super cool.
Thanks so much, Bailey! We’re glad you’re here with us, and we’ll check back in with you at the end of the summer to find out if you have discovered a favorite object.
As for the rest of you, don’t forget to stop by our Books, Collectibles, and Art Sale this Saturday and Sunday from 10-4:30pm, and the Summer Antiques Market on Sunday, also from 10-4:30pm. Admission to the Antiques Market is $8; Book Sale admission is free on Saturday. Due to these special events, Cultural Pass programs will not take place on Sunday–why not stop by on Monday for fun and games instead!
With my most sincere good wishes to you all,

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