Volunteer Spotlight: Carol B. as Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson

Here at Locust Grove, we are blessed with a number of wonderful volunteers, who contribute over 10,000 hours of service a year to our tours, programs, and events. It’s time they got their moment in the sun! This week, we’re showcasing Carol B. Carol B. has been a volunteer and a member of Locust Grove’s Costumed Interpreters for a year, and portrays Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson. Read on to learn more about her time at Locust Grove!

Mrs. Richard Ferguson

Carol B. in character as Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson. Photo courtesy of Fox and Rose Photography.

How did you become a volunteer? 
Last spring, I took Carol Ely’s museum theatre class as part of my graduate work at U of L. I didn’t have any previous theatre experience, but I loved it! Such a creative and engaging way to share history with people. Carol brought our class to Locust Grove one evening and we were able to engage with the CI’s, both in and out of character. I was so impressed I decided to audition!
What is your favorite part of volunteering at Locust Grove? 
Teaming up with the other CI’s to really create an experience for guests is so much fun. When we can get the guests to really engage with us and they are clearly having a good time (and hopefully learning!), that’s a great feeling!
What else would you like people to know about you? 
I work for the WaterWorks Museum at Louisville Water Tower Park (come visit! It’s awesome!).

Here’s what other have to say about Carol’s contributions to Locust Grove!

Amy Liebert: Carol is in her second year with the cast. She is also in her last semester of a MA in public history from U of L. She portrays Mrs. Richard Ferguson, wife of Dr. Richard Ferguson, famed for removing GRC’s leg. We actually found Carol because she was a student in Dr. Carol Ely’s class on theater in museums at U of L.

She has been a real pleasure in the cast. She is proactive and supportive of her fellow cast members, and bring a professional and scholarly perspective to the program. From her first day in our program it was always very clear that she took this seriously, and each time she would come in last year you could see she had focused on another way to improve and up her game, from her costuming to her character research.

Brian Cushing: She was thorough, professional, and excited about the project right of the gate. Her demeanor is relaxed, unassuming, and helpful, putting both fellow interpreters and visitors to Locust Grove at ease and making the strange circumstance of coming upon a person from 200 years in the past not intimidating at all.

Look for Carol throughout the year whenever the Costumed Interpreters are on the grounds! Carol, thank you for all that you do!

For more information on volunteering at Locust Grove, why not go here? And if you’re interested in being featured or nominating someone for the volunteer spotlight, go ahead and fill out this form. And to all of our volunteers–we couldn’t run Locust Grove without you!



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One thought on “Volunteer Spotlight: Carol B. as Mrs. Elizabeth Ferguson

  1. I enjoy reading all your posts. Last year our volunteers really outdid themselves with almost 12,000 volunteer hours. This year it looks like we will do even better.


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