Volunteer Spotlight: Keith S., Everyman Extraordinaire

Summer at Locust Grove is always filled with exciting events, and after the success of last summer’s wedding reenactment, we decided to try another new event. On July 31, join us as we reenact the 1841 duel between Cassius Marcellus Clay and Robert Wickliffe, Jr. This event carried out the ritual and etiquette of dueling, and while no one was hurt, the rules of dueling require a doctor to be on site. Clay and Wickliffe smartly chose Locust Grove as the site of their showdown, meaning that Dr. John Croghan, Locust Grove’s owner at the time, would be able to provide medical attention if needed. At our own duel, Dr. John Croghan will be portrayed by Keith S., who has been volunteering at Locust Grove for the past six years. Keith regularly appears as 1840s Dr. John, as the First Person Interpreter Corps also incorporates an 1816 Dr. John into the cast. Keith also serves as the assistant director of the First Person Interpreter Corps, providing a wealth of logistical support to the program. Read on to learn more about Keith’s many contributions!

Keith, as Dr. John Croghan, surveys the land he owns at Locust Grove.  Photo courtesy of Fox and Rose Photography. 


 How did you become a volunteer? 

My wife and son were already volunteers and I decided to join in.

What is your favorite part of volunteering at Locust Grove? 

Interacting with guests.
What else would you like people to know about you? 
I started volunteering as a Costumed Interpreter in order to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s become one of the most rewarding things that I do.I’m continually amazed at the wealth of talent, knowledge, and enthusiasm that the Costumed Interpreters bring to HLG. I’m proud to work with them, both in costume and behind the scenes.

Here’s what others have to say about Keith!

Amy L.: Keith is a dedicated member of our cast- I still remember his wonderful audition where he brought Dr. John’s dry wit to life. However, he has gone much further than that by taking on a volunteer management role this year as our Assistant Director. He has the grace, charm, and strength of character to help manage and direct our sometimes slightly chaotic crew.

Brian Cushing: Keith is a rare sort of amazing volunteer. He can be turned loose on an event with no particular job other than to identify issues and solve them and they will always be resolved in the best manner possible, freeing staff to deal with other logistics and all around keeping the gears moving smoothly. No job is too big, dirty, or sweaty, and he does it all pleasantly and with a passion for making the Locust Grove experience the best it can be. When Keith arrives on site, I know it’s going to be a good day.

Thanks for all the you do, Keith! Look for Keith in action on during the duel on July 31!

doctor on site 2

For more information on volunteering at Locust Grove, why not go here? And if you’re interested in being featured or nominating someone for the volunteer spotlight, go ahead and fill out this form. And to all of our volunteers–we couldn’t run Locust Grove without you!

Sincerely yours,


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