Locust Grove is open for 2018!

Welcome back, friends! After being closed in January–a month full of repairs, planning, and snow for staff– we’re ready to welcome all of you to the place where Louisville begins for 2018!

When you next visit us, you may notice a change or two. One of these changes was in our gallery. We’ve created a permanent home for our introductory film, thanks to support through Give for Good Louisville and other generous donors. We’re looking forward to having a more welcoming space for you to begin your visit and learn more about George Rogers Clark and the Croghan family.

In addition to our gallery changes, another major project is now ready for the public. Today at Locust Grove, we’re launching an exciting new feature that has been in the works for a long time—an audio tour of our grounds and outbuildings! We’ve designed this tour with our visitors in mind, in order to provide an opportunity to explore Locust Grove wherever you are in the world.

Did you know that Locust Grove sits on 55 acres, all that remains of the Croghans’ original 693.5 acre farm? We wanted to find a way for you, our friends, neighbors and visitors, to explore more of Locust Grove’s landscape, whether or not we’re open for tours. If you’re coming to Locust Grove to enjoy a house tour, walk the grounds at your leisure, or participate in an event, we wanted to make it easy for you to learn more about the grounds and outbuildings at your own pace. This tour is meant to complement the house tour offered daily by our wonderful docents.

So, how does the tour work? Simply call  502-373-2978 and follow the audio prompts. You can dial the number from any phone—the cell phone in your pocket, the landline on your desk, one of those airphones on planes, or even Clark Kent’s phone booth. The tour can be taken from beginning to end, following the map below, or you can call in to learn more about specific buildings on the property at your leisure.

The voices you hear on the tour are members of our docent corps, all volunteers who dedicate a great deal of time to giving tours of our house and grounds each year.

At different points during the tour, you may also be prompted to enter numbers that do not appear on the map. These prompts lead to members of our talented first-person interpreter corps reading letters and other primary source documents written by Croghan family members. We hope you enjoy hearing these voices from the past!

Locust Grove is the place where Louisville begins. We hope this new audio tour can begin new conversations about our house and the people who called it home.


If you have feedback on the tour, you can record it by dialing 0# at any point on the tour or by sending us an email.

Tour credits:
Hannah McAulay
Alana Gillett


Robert Boone
Lynn Boone
Nancy W. Lee
George P.
Mia Seitz
Keith Stevenson
Jeannie Litterst Vezeau
John Vezeau
Brandon Vigliarolo
Ted Wright

This tour was developed and produced by Hannah Zimmerman, Locust Grove’s Marketing and Communications Director, with assistance and feedback by Locust Grove staff members.

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